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Bios for alternate-universe versions of Alexander/Blackwing, Rachel, and Hayden. Because superheroes are awesome! 8D

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Location: New York, outside "Mutant Squad" HQ

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The 2nd of characters recently appearing in my logs, Matthew showed up in my head one day... stark naked. It was quite an interesting experience getting to know him, as I hadn't had a completely original character in years. Eventually as he began to talk his history lined up exactly with every character trait that initially appeared. Proving once again I'm only a stones-throw away from multiple-personalities. XD

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First of the characters that really should've gotten bios a while ago, seeing how much I play them nowadays. Rachel was one of my first ever RP characters, created around 2003.

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All stories for Blackwing's universe, in chronological order:

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All stories for Recon and Hayden's universe, in chronological order:

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Ok, so I lied. I decided to submit another character to the TF/Mech Exchange, so her stats are going here too. ^_^;
Edit: Corrected a few bits and updated the history to accommodate the RP she's now in.
Edit #2: Added likes/dislikes/squicks
Edit #3: Added a bit more about Hayden.
Edit #4: Added her new official Bayformer mode!

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And her companion Hayden )
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Edit: Added likes/dislikes/squicks

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I’ll try to get more references up soon. ^_^;
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